Solutions to Water Anxiety Programme


With over 20 years experience, the founder of Brave the Rage, has designed swimming workshops to provide positive solutions to stress, anxiety and anger.

‘Brave the Waves’ provides life saving tools for all generations, helping to achieve confidence in water and the sea.


‘Brave the Waves’ provides a ‘Safe to Swim’ 6 Week Programme, providing a creative but solution focused approach for children and adults that are anxious or scared of the water.

Confidence building tools and techniques with expert swimming tuition provide top tips for anxiety and overcome fears.

Braves the Waves provides a simple, fun but structured swimming progression route, from 6 months old to Adults.

All Brave the Waves tutors are certified ASA Swimming Instructors Level 2 with Life Swim Rescue Award.


  • ‘Brave the Waves’ flexible, tailor made and supportive approach, teaches step-by-step swimming skills and practical techniques to fear.
  • The bespoke Brave the Waves ‘Solutions to Stress and Anxiety’ Online Resource Programme is creative and easy to use.
  • A ‘Brave the Waves’ Certificate of Achievement and a opportunity to achieve ASA Swimming Certification of varying levels.

Brave the Waves Framework

‘Brave the Waves’ provides a comprehensive, ‘Safe to Swim’ Programme at Aspire Academy in Southfields, Wandsworth.

This solution-focused approach, incorporates a creative, step-by-step programme regarding fear and anxiety of the water.

  • Step 1: Each ‘Brave the Waves’ Swimmer will receive a creative, online ‘ Safe to Swim ‘ step by step programme with essential tools and techniques as resources.
  • Step 2: Small groups (over 1.3 m and with basic able swimming skills) will be taught a structured, interactive and creative 6 week swimming programme, that is theory and practical based.
  • Step 3: Small groups (over 1.3 m and with basic able swimming skills) will improve their swimming techniques and learn life saving skills.
  • Step 4: Each ‘Brave the Waves’ Swimmer will receive a “Certificate of Achievement” and sign a Brave the Waves “Pledge of Promise” to practice the confidence building tools and techniques. A simple, laminated ‘Brave the Waves’ Top Tips will be given to each swimmer, clearly showing the magic 5 steps!

Safe to Swim - 6 week Programme

Located at Aspire at Southfields, 337 Merton Rd, London SW18 5JU


Please see the training brief below examples of workshop content...


6 x Day Session Outline: Training Workshops plus Resources & Materials

  • Learning the 5-Step: ‘Solutions to Water Anxiety‘ Programme
  • Understanding Water, Anxiety & Stress: Risk Assessment
  • Who Am I? Personal Reflection
  • Raising Resilience! Self Identity & Self Esteem
  • Confidence Building- Practical Tools & Techniques
  • Achieving Dreams & Goals: Personal Goal Setting
  • Personal Wellbeing, Mindfulness Meditation
  • Learning to deal with Tricky & Difficult Situations
  • The Power of the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
  • Solutions to Stress, Anxiety & Relaxation Techniques
  • Basic Life Saving Skills & First Aid for Me!
  • Brave the Waves: ‘Safe to Swim’ – Breast Stroke, Back Stroke, Front Crawl and Crouch Dive



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